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The restaurant “fatbao” is famous for their
tastiest stuffed steamed buns. Since they are well known for their stuffed steamed bun, it inspired me to use this idea on the logo as stuffing the words into a steam bun. Stuffed steamed buns are a kind of food that originates from the Asian area. As a result, using the Asian patterns on the package design can resemble Asian style.



 I made a collection of products such as their album cover, poster, and t-shirt for a Taiwanese band No, Party For Cao Dong.

Blacky Wine Bottle Packaging Mock-up.jpg


 This white wine set has different taste and the different alcohol content. The high shoulder bottle style is the most common type of wine bottle and it was made popular by Bordeaux to contain white wine. 

The wave represent the increase in a specified phenomenon, feeling, or emotion of taste in the wine. As the cloud is to feel the wine taste floating in the mouth like the cloud floating in the sky. The last is the lake as the alcohol has abundant flavors in the mouth such as large body of water surrounded by land. 

Screenshot (165).png


The company’s mission is to simplify the transition to clean products and help women everywhere find community in living a conscious lifestyle. The name “Sangha” means “beloved community” in Sanskrit and implies members who share a common path and commitment to supporting each other. The logo is a butterfly that has a leaf as part of the butterfly’s wing. Clean, non-toxic beauty and personal care products are their main selling.

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